Aerowaves (headquarters: London, UK)

Yvona Kreuzmannová is a co-founder of this platform for supporting young choreographers and is a member of the Board as an Associate Director.



Main topic: international application of talented young choreographers

Main project line:
·        Annual meeting – every year on the last weekend of October viewing of hundreds of videos, followed by vote for TOP20 (each country has 1 vote)
·        touring supported further 2 years (Tanec Praha 3 works/year – presenting partner)
·        Spring Forward – a festival of 20 selected European works every spring
·        Springback Academy – coaching 10 selected young critics during the Spring Forward festival
·        Springback Magazine – year-round platform of young critics writing about dance

Information for artists interested in submitting an application to Aerowaves:

1)  The Aerowaves platform is intended for "novice" choreographers who are interested in establishing themselves on the European scene. The aim is to discover and support new talents and to give others the opportunity find out about them through the Spring Forward festival, which is attended by about 200 presenters from all over Europe and overseas every year.

2)   The condition for participation is to complete a simple application form in English with a link to vimeo. Entries must not be shorter than 15 minutes or longer than 40 minutes! Otherwise they will be rejected.

3)   A recording of the work is essential! Its quality plays a big role.

4)  The recording should be taken from the viewer's point of view by one camera. Zooming can be used, but other film techniques such as cuts, etc. should not be used. The recording should have a documentary character. The important things are quality and visibility. Lighting may be adjusted for the camera while maintaining the atmosphere of the theatrical work, but recording a live performance is optimal.

5)   Applications are accepted each year during the summer, but no later than mid-September! After this deadline, it is no longer possible to apply in that year.

6)  Artists applying to Aerowaves should arrange their schedules to account for possible participation in the Spring Forward festival in the spring of the following year (the date and venue will be published on the website) under favourable financial conditions (royalty of EUR 100 per person, cooperation with Czech Centres or embassies to support travel expenses).

7) The Czech representatives in the Aerowaves platform will be happy to provide consultation and any additional information: Yvona Kreuzmannová or Markéta Perroud (the Czech Republic, like every European country, has one vote that both members share).