The Tanec Praha organization is part of Czech national culture. It supports the development of contemporary dance and movement creation in the Czech Republic and international cooperation. Thanks to the TANEC PRAHA Festival, the Czech Dance Platform and the year-round activities of PONEC – dance venue, the general public has access to exceptional works of art and experiences. Tanec Praha supports the community work of artists as well as their international cooperation. Its activities promote the creative and aesthetic development of society, openness, cultural diversity and tolerance, while broadening the cultural offer and contributing to the artistic, ethical and moral development of society.


Tanec Praha NGO is active in international cooperation and is a partner of several European projects under the EU Creative Europe program. It is also part of several European platforms and international networks, helping to build the reputation of Czech performing art abroad.


International projects co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the EU

Moving Borders - partner 2023 - 2025

Dance Well - partner 2022 - 2025

Big Pulse Dance Alliance - partner 2020 - 2024

Shape It - partner 2019 - 2023

Micro and Macro Dramaturgies in Dance - leader 2019 - 2022

Be SpectACTive! - partner 2014 - 2022

Dancing Museums - The Democracy of Beings - partner 2018 - 2021

M4m – M for mobility - leader 2011 - 2013

Trans Danse Europe - partner 2003 - 2006

Tanec Praha is also involved in other projects of international cooperation as Czech participation at Tanzmesse Düsseldorf or the cross-border biennale Dance transit.Praha.Dresden.Leipzig in the past and others.


International networks and platforms co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the EU

EDN - European Dancehouse Network - member from 2015

Aerowaves - dance across europe - co - founder from 1996



IETM - 1991 - 2022

In 2023, the activities of Tanec Praha were financially supported by the EU through NextGeneration EU, the National Recovery Plan and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic through the Status of the Artist programme.

The director of Tance Praha is an individual member of the Council of the Czech section of ITI - International Theatre Institute. She served as President in the years 2020 - 2024.

Tanec Praha NGO is a founding member of the Czech Festival Association, which has joined the UZS (Union of Employers' Associations) and thus membership in Tripartite. Furthermore, Yvona Kreuzmannová is a founding member of the professional organization Vize tance and cooperates with other partners in the field of cultural advocacy.