This Friday, May 15, Café Jedna in Holešovice will be transformed into a space for a happening version of a performance called Duets, which premiered in December 2019 at the PONEC Theatre. Look from behind the screens and come for an offline meeting with performers Viktor Černický and Tereza Ondrová, with whom you will be able to create a completely unique duet. These are not demanding physical performances, but rather a few minutes or seconds shared and experienced together. Stop by anytime between 19:30 and 22:00. The meeting will take place through the glass on the ground floor of the Trade Fair Palace, so that both passers-by and artists remain at a safe distance from each other.

"DUETS is a production based on real and improvised encounters between people right in front of the audience. The DUETS were a study of non-verbal communication, intense sharing of the moment. Viewers had the opportunity to watch and at the same time participate in a truly exceptional and unique meeting. A catalogue of authentic minimalist movements and individual reactions to this extraordinary situation was created right before their eyes. This project of 'meetings' and 'encounters' emerged from the creators' desire to slow down, to experience essential encounters with people they would not otherwise meet and is based on sensitivity to detail. In times of physical depersonalization, we are looking for ways to meet and be together again, despite the screens and all sorts of barriers. We are trying to respond to the moment of crisis that has struck us in an otherwise safe Europe. A moment of crisis that has imprisoned us in the comfort of our homes." / Temporary Collective