Pick up this year's edition and read about how the festival was created and what it has looked like over the last three decades. In the special issue of Dance Zone, you will find Nina Vangeli's interview with the director of Tanec Praha Yvona Kreuzmannová, three questions for Ms Vangeli herself (dance publicist and founder of the magazine), the history of the festival since 1989 and reactions to it through the years, and many other interesting pieces. We highly recommend this illuminating read!

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„It’s 1989. Shortly after the revolution, there is still euphoria. Young people build up their self-esteem by taking part in political affairs. They participate actively in political life and influence it, while developing new cultural or cultural-political activities. The TANEC PRAHA Festival arose from this post-revolutionary euphoria. The social circumstances were favourable, „it was a plan and a bit of coincidence”, but also the personal ambitions and experience of individuals, many of whom already had the opportunity to see how culture works in the free world. What will become one of the major events of the cultural year in Prague is just beginning”. / Nina Vangeli